As a matter of fact, I have no idea how to take on that life

”I have no idea how to take on that life.” Solving the enigma!

Have you ever looked around you, among your family and friends, and noticed that some seem to have a designed path with almost no hurdle? They only need to put one foot in front of the other, while other people, despite their good will, have winding paths.

There is no real logic. Nothing to do with what is right or wrong, good or bad. Some may have had a perfect childhood, while others have had to survive theirs and yet, they make their lives an experience that many envy. It is neither money or lack of it that decides, nor education or its absence.

Then we begin to explain the phenomenon by saying things like “it’s destiny, we can’t do anything about it …” Yet, some have a good fortune, while others get such a dark one, why? Note that we are not comparing ourselves here with those who were unfortunately born in a country at war or have suffered the wrath of nature. The questioning is about people like us whose “fate” has brought us into the best corners of the world.


Chapter 2: Victims of Destiny

In the second chapter of the book Stop! Love is no poker game, we meet six young people. Three young women together for a “girl’s night” and three young men, friends since childhood, in a sports bar.

I chose them because they are young people of today who are facing the challenges of our time. Different experiences, different results, friends who have grown up together and who are trying to figure out how they will find their place in this life, in our society.

Life goes faster than ever. Technology gives the lead and can’t be stopped. Every progress of mankind has brought its pleasures and complications. As for having day we need night, we can find the same order everywhere. How can we understand this new way that has taken over? Are we equipped? Have we adequately prepared the new generations?

Reading this second chapter will lead us to reflect on how we can improve the training of our youth so that they can have a life they will be proud of. Young people might find clues about what they need to be able to create this sort of life. Surely you will recognize people you have met in one of these six young people.


Renee, Chantal and Lisa are talking. Lisa wants to go all the way!


Chantal (the rebellious one):

“Girls, this conversation is becoming dreadful, let’s change the mood as fast as possible, otherwise we’re going to ruin our evening!”

Lisa (the single one):

“No, let’s go all the way to the end, even if we risk spoiling our evening.”



 Being twenty is beautiful! So many songs talked about our springtime … And time flies so fast that often we wonder if we were not dreaming. Then, when we are twenty years old, we feel we will be young forever and we have all the time in the world in front of us. And quickly, we arrive at the door of our thirties and at that time, some begin to ask themselves questions. Not everyone since it might take a decade for some to get to that stage and it is at that point that we question everything: relationship, career, purpose, looking to find ourselves, believing we got lost …

To meet our young people and learn about their lives, read the rest of Chapter 2.

Next week, I will introduce you to the stunning story of Paul and Gabriella. Are we so powerless against ourselves?

See you soon,

Korine Hazan

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