« You never will have to doubt me again. » When there is betrayal!


That word “treason” is a strong word. It always comes with a strong emotional charge. We all experienced this painful feeling. We have all been betrayed by the words or actions of a member of our family, a close friend and even a person who has promised us love and respect

Love and respect are what we expect from our parents, our best friend, our spouses and even our children. Whether verbalized or not, it is a serious and omnipresent pact. Because when we talk about love, respect is inevitably included.

So why does treason take root in these deep relationships? It infiltrates deviously and causes damage that is often irreparable. It is as if we were bewitched and we had no control over the words that come out of our mouths or the actions we do. Treason thus becomes a cancer that eats away at the foundations of the couple and of all relationships.


Chapter 3 : All bets are in


In the third chapter of Stop! Love is no poker game, we witness the torment that Paul and Gabriella endure. We can then imagine how their children will be affected.

Although the story of this couple is mind-blowing, their pain unfortunately resembles that of many couples. There are a thousand and one ways of betraying the person we love, going from a little innocuous lie to the unveiling of an intimate secret, to the breaking of promise. We hide by saying that anyway, what the other person does not know cannot hurt. We go so far as to pose revolting actions, justifying ourselves that it is stronger than will and that we can do nothing about it …

Our modern society tends to reject old ideas, with little concern for the important values ​​associated with them. Yet human beings today are just as human. They are strong and fragile at the same time. They cling to dreams that, when they are fallen, leave them with important scars, as has always been the case. Betrayal almost always ends in finding a small, medium or large place between two individuals who often love each other sincerely.


Why? There is more than one answer.

This third chapter does not chase the cowards or the victims: it requires a great openness of mind. Paul and Gabriella story is singular and requires to put aside the voice of judgment.


Paul, Gabriella and betrayal

Paul : 

« What are you doing here? »

Gabriella : 

« I am so happy to see you! »

Paul : 

« I’m asking again, what are you doing her ? »

Gabriella : 

« Ma darling, know you must think I’m the worst woman in the world. »


When we meet someone and fall in love, we make all kinds of promises, such a sweet music in our ears. Our imagination ignites and projects us into a bright, exciting and joyful future. We become the stars of these advertisements where a beautiful couple walks on a splendid beach while the children quite lovely run and play, hair in the wind.

There is nothing better than love, we all agree on this point. So why is this feeling so strong that uplifts us so high is also the source of devastating collapses?

To discover the mind-blowing story of Paul and Gabriella, read chapter 3.

Next week, we will discuss Chapter 4 and the events that marked Emma’s life, between the age of 16 and 61.

See you soon!

Korine Hazan