Through our life stories and our heart stories:

A publishing house spokesman of the greatness, potential and creativity of every human being.
A publishing house devoted to growth, recognizing the need for everyone, from the smallest to the greatest and the weakest to the strongest, to surpass one self each day, a little more.
A publishing house showing respect and gratitude to all for the good of everyone.


In order to live our lives and relationships to their full potential:

Opening doors on understanding who we are and what is necessary for us to fully live the gift of life.
Opening doors of consciousness in a simple and accessible way, breaking the borders of age, cultures, diplomas, social or economic status.


In keeping with the new challenges of our time:

To be brought back to the present moment thanks to what reading offers.
Settling to allow reflection through reading.
Bringing harmony between the reading that feeds the soul and the video that feeds the senses.