Official Press Release : Book Launch : Stop! Love Is No Poker Game

Official Press Release : Book Launch : Stop! Love Is No Poker Game


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All bets are in, the pain of betrayal


« You never will have to doubt me again. » When there is betrayal!


That word "treason" is a strong word. It always comes with a strong emotional charge. We all experienced this painful feeling. We have all been betrayed by the words or actions of a member of our family, a close friend and even a person who has promised us love and respect

Love and respect are what we expect from our parents, our best friend, our spouses and even our children. Whether verbalized or not, it is a serious and omnipresent pact. Because when we talk about love, respect is inevitably included.

So why does treason take root in these deep relationships? It infiltrates deviously and causes damage that is often irreparable. It is as if we were bewitched and we had no control over the words that come out of our mouths or the actions we do. Treason thus becomes a cancer that eats away at the foundations of the couple and of all relationships.


Chapter 3 : All bets are in


In the third chapter of Stop! Love is no poker game, we witness the torment that Paul and Gabriella endure. We can then imagine how their children will be affected.

Although the story of this couple is mind-blowing, their pain unfortunately resembles that of many couples. There are a thousand and one ways of betraying the person we love, going from a little innocuous lie to the unveiling of an intimate secret, to the breaking of promise. We hide by saying that anyway, what the other person does not know cannot hurt. We go so far as to pose revolting actions, justifying ourselves that it is stronger than will and that we can do nothing about it ...

Our modern society tends to reject old ideas, with little concern for the important values ​​associated with them. Yet human beings today are just as human. They are strong and fragile at the same time. They cling to dreams that, when they are fallen, leave them with important scars, as has always been the case. Betrayal almost always ends in finding a small, medium or large place between two individuals who often love each other sincerely.


Why? There is more than one answer.

This third chapter does not chase the cowards or the victims: it requires a great openness of mind. Paul and Gabriella story is singular and requires to put aside the voice of judgment.


Paul, Gabriella and betrayal

Paul : 

« What are you doing here? »

Gabriella : 

« I am so happy to see you! »

Paul : 

« I’m asking again, what are you doing her ? »

Gabriella : 

« Ma darling, know you must think I’m the worst woman in the world. »


When we meet someone and fall in love, we make all kinds of promises, such a sweet music in our ears. Our imagination ignites and projects us into a bright, exciting and joyful future. We become the stars of these advertisements where a beautiful couple walks on a splendid beach while the children quite lovely run and play, hair in the wind.

There is nothing better than love, we all agree on this point. So why is this feeling so strong that uplifts us so high is also the source of devastating collapses?

To discover the mind-blowing story of Paul and Gabriella, read chapter 3.

Next week, we will discuss Chapter 4 and the events that marked Emma's life, between the age of 16 and 61.

See you soon!

Korine Hazan





Lancement officiel 25 octobre 2017 ; une soirée réussie !

Près de 150 personnes étaient présentes à la maison des arts de Laval, le 25 octobre 2017 pour le lancement du livre Stop ! L’Amour n’est pas un jeu de Poker, de Korine Hazan.

Personnalités publiques, d’affaires et journalistes étaient présents pour souligner l’événement, échanger avec l’auteure et rencontrer d’autres lecteurs et lectrices.

Une superbe soirée, inspirante pour plusieurs personnes présentes, qui ont voulu souligner, leur grand intérêt, à propos du thème des relations interpersonnelles, décrites dans ce roman.

Surprised to find ourselves in a life we dreamed differently.

Surprised to find ourselves in a life that we dreamed differently

As a matter of fact, I have no idea how to take on that life

''I have no idea how to take on that life.'' Solving the enigma!

Have you ever looked around you, among your family and friends, and noticed that some seem to have a designed path with almost no hurdle? They only need to put one foot in front of the other, while other people, despite their good will, have winding paths.

There is no real logic. Nothing to do with what is right or wrong, good or bad. Some may have had a perfect childhood, while others have had to survive theirs and yet, they make their lives an experience that many envy. It is neither money or lack of it that decides, nor education or its absence.

Then we begin to explain the phenomenon by saying things like "it's destiny, we can't do anything about it ..." Yet, some have a good fortune, while others get such a dark one, why? Note that we are not comparing ourselves here with those who were unfortunately born in a country at war or have suffered the wrath of nature. The questioning is about people like us whose "fate" has brought us into the best corners of the world.


Chapter 2: Victims of Destiny

In the second chapter of the book Stop! Love is no poker game, we meet six young people. Three young women together for a “girl’s night” and three young men, friends since childhood, in a sports bar.

I chose them because they are young people of today who are facing the challenges of our time. Different experiences, different results, friends who have grown up together and who are trying to figure out how they will find their place in this life, in our society.

Life goes faster than ever. Technology gives the lead and can't be stopped. Every progress of mankind has brought its pleasures and complications. As for having day we need night, we can find the same order everywhere. How can we understand this new way that has taken over? Are we equipped? Have we adequately prepared the new generations?

Reading this second chapter will lead us to reflect on how we can improve the training of our youth so that they can have a life they will be proud of. Young people might find clues about what they need to be able to create this sort of life. Surely you will recognize people you have met in one of these six young people.


Renee, Chantal and Lisa are talking. Lisa wants to go all the way!


Chantal (the rebellious one):

“Girls, this conversation is becoming dreadful, let’s change the mood as fast as possible, otherwise we’re going to ruin our evening!”

Lisa (the single one):

“No, let’s go all the way to the end, even if we risk spoiling our evening.”



 Being twenty is beautiful! So many songs talked about our springtime ... And time flies so fast that often we wonder if we were not dreaming. Then, when we are twenty years old, we feel we will be young forever and we have all the time in the world in front of us. And quickly, we arrive at the door of our thirties and at that time, some begin to ask themselves questions. Not everyone since it might take a decade for some to get to that stage and it is at that point that we question everything: relationship, career, purpose, looking to find ourselves, believing we got lost ...

To meet our young people and learn about their lives, read the rest of Chapter 2.

Next week, I will introduce you to the stunning story of Paul and Gabriella. Are we so powerless against ourselves?

See you soon,

Korine Hazan

First book launch for Reverence Publishing

Official Book Launching STOP ! Love is no poker game
Wednesday October 25th 2017 

Location : Maison des Arts de Laval
1395, boul de la Concorde W, Laval, QC H7N 5W1

Time : 7.00pm to 9.00pm

Menu :

  • Meeting with the author and personalities from the artistic community
  • Book signing
  • Prize draw: copies of the first title and the entire forthcoming collection
  • Appetizers

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Se laisser choisir ou la relation de couple sans épanouissement

Romantic Relationships Without Fulfillment

“Where’s my blue shirt?” » Relationships without fulfillment

This is a question that summarizes the lives of many couples! Yet, by engaging in a romantic relationship, nobody thinks they will eventually only talk about the organization of laundry.

The first moments of love are so exhilarating. Time stops, nothing seems more important than the other and even hunger disappears. The future is radiant and the projects, audacious. The feeling of well-being is enchanting and we are ready to do anything to hold on to this sensation.

So what happens after the first few years, if not the first few months? Why so few couples remain united and happy as in the early days? What are the reasons why a great passion turns into a great disappointment?


Chapter 1: Being chosen.

In the first chapter of my book Stop! Love is no poker game, we meet two young people who are married and have a child.

I chose them because they are everywhere, those couples that wonder how come they are where they are. They secretly protest that they have not chosen the life they live. Yet at the beginning it was their decision.

Today, the rhythm of life is accelerating constantly and it is reflected in our love lives. Pay attention and you will find that often an evening encounter that went well becomes, too quickly, the new address of the two people involved. Why do we fuse so fast? What are we afraid of?

In reading this first chapter, we will try, together, to identify the reasons why we let ourselves be chosen. To do this, I invite you to meet Peter and Sarah.

Peter and Sarah, a sizzling beginning

Peter says:

“When I’m with you, I’m a better man and I feel that nothing can stop me. The effect you have on me is so surprising, I don’t recognize myself. “

Sarah thinks:

“He’s so wonderful and he loves me. And I make him better. Me? “


When we meet someone and it “clicks” for whatever reason, the danger is that the sensation of excitement distorts our judgment. Sometimes what turns us on is the physical, the words we hear or the way we feel when someone appreciates us. And there we go in a snap! Like a drug, impossible to do without it.

Totally normal because there is no better feeling than being in love. When we are in love, everything appears more beautiful, lighter, shinier, starting with ourselves.

Then, with time, the excitement disappears as well as the exchanges, bringing communication to insignificant questions like “Where is my blue shirt?!”

To know the fate of Peter and Sarah, read the rest of Chapter 1. 

Next week, I present 6 young people whose destiny is emerging. Is happiness a matter of luck? It is what we will look at!

See you soon,

Korine Hazan

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It is a true pleasure to welcome you on my blog!

Every week, you will find a new article that will deal with the different dynamics in relationships.

STOP! LOVE IS NO POKER GAME is not a work of miracle recipes that promise you to make a success of your life as a couple.

We can find many of those books on the market, just as there is an incredible amount of books on weight loss.

Yet statistics show that separations are on the rise and people are getting bigger and bigger.

It is beneficial to use basic universal rules for a healthy and respectful relationship, but at the same time it is illogical to think that a single formula would work for everyone. We know that our needs are similar as human beings, it is somewhat how to satisfy them that differs according to our differences.

So why write another book on couple relationships? Simply because it is an important subject, that we all seek to be in relationship, that it is one of the most significant projects of our lives and, above all, that it is the one for which we are the least prepared.

The impact that our relationships have on our lives, our finances, our psychological, professional and even spiritual development, and our physical and moral health is inevitable. Positive or negative, the consequences are real. And so little in our education prepares us for this life project which is the foundation of the families we build and, consequently, of the societies we shape. At best, we have the examples of our parents to guide us. And for the last generations, these examples ensured us more confusion than clarity.

Writing this book was like a calling ... After four marriages and four divorces, while I tried to raise my children as best I could to make them solid and sensitive adults, yet building several businesses, surviving a devastating heart attack while restoring a financial equilibrium, I saw all around me stories as striking as mine, bringing equally considerable outcomes. I had to do something to share what was becoming more and more evident to me.

I do not hold the truth and at no time do I intend to claim it. The truth ... who really holds it? This is a questioning which I hope will interest you.

If I have embraced this mission, it is probably because for 8 years now I have lived in peace and respect, calm and freedom. It is consequently possible to flourish in a couple relationship. Of course, love is present, but it is always the case at the beginning of relationships and I have had the chance to love many times. The challenge is to nurture this love continuously and often it is where we find ourselves inadequate. Yet we all know at least one couple with a great relationship and it is why we keep trying because we see that it's possible ... I've continued to try and I'm pleased I did.

It is experience, observation and listening that are the source of the little stories that you will find in this book. We all love stories: we identify with one or the other of the characters, or we perceive, in these characters, the personality of people that are close to us. This is what adds to the realism of the book.

I also designed this book to make it an easy and quick to read. We live in a period when time is a rare commodity! Informal and separated into several short chapters, it requires only a few minutes of reading per day to gently awake a deep reflection.


A little secret! To deepen these 13 stories, 13 other small books will soon be released. They are waiting to reveal other characters with their stories that will be as truthful and singular as well as ordinary and profound.

It will always be under the banner of Reverence publishing that you will find these books. This publishing house will gradually be defined as the publishing house serving the human potential. Therefore, there will be an opening for authors who want to be the spokespersons of our growth, in order to give us the chance to live a life more in tune with our greatness.

Thank you for joining us! Do not forget to subscribe to the blog to receive the weekly articles by email.

See you soon,

Korine Hazan