Korine’s parents immigrated to Quebec when she was one year old. She spent her childhood and her teens between France and Quebec. Life was difficult for her parents: all they did was working, working… and no time was left for anything else.

Her first love was ballet. Beauty and dreams were demanding masters to create the perfect illusion. It required discipline, perseverance, endurance and the will to always face new challenges. Very young, she knew she wanted to dedicate her life to dance, and inspired by Mrs Chiriaeff, she committed herself to transmit the love of ballet by teaching for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens.

But life can be surprising… Her father’s thundering death, followed by a marriage, eighteen months later, before the age of twenty, that propelled her into life experiences, without any preparation. Then the discovery of her ambition, and another marriage leading to the birth of her children, and at the same time a few years spent in Asia. She returns to Quebec, divorced and re-entering the work force with two young children. Then another marriage, and everything went very fast: raising children, entrepreneurship and its challenges, successes and failures, disappointments and victories. At the dawn of a new decade, disappointed and exhausted, but always relentless to live with love and partnership, she gets married for the fourth and last time. This union leads to illness and all of its facets, unleashing great teachings. Those profound lessons allowed the discovery of her inner strength while facing another divorce.

Having earned a college degree in Psychology, and always curious to understand and study human functioning, she invested herself in personal growth for nearly 30 years. This brought her to participate in many seminars, first to better understand herself, but above all to help raise her children powerfully, so that they would be equipped to face any of life’s circumstances.

For many years, she even interpreted these seminars, happy to bring this level of conversation into French. An important path, that has certainly helped her not to collapse under the failures, refusing to come to wrong conclusions as far as relationships are concerned.

Today, thanks to an unwavering determination, she lives as a couple in peace, love and harmony.